This website serves as a hub of information and the only online chronicle of my Transformers TTRPG campaign, TRANSFORMERS: APOCRYPHON. This is my first time GMing any TTRPG campaign, so I figured I would go all out because I just love my players so much <3


Long ago, a terrible war ripped across Cybertron and forever changed the course of her history. The victor of said war took complete control of the planet and instituted a complete governmental overhaul. This individual is only referred to as "The Prime", and any record of his full name or any names he may or may not have had prior do not exist. At this rate, they are considered lost to the ages. He instated a theocracy based around the Church of the Allspark, with the core of this religion centering around a holy trinity consisting of The Allspark, the Primus, and the Matrix of Leadership. He named his followers the Autobots in honor of the right that they all share as autonomous beings to live freely and righteously as children of the Allspark.
Shortly after his rise to power, a collective of freedom fighters protested his rule, saying it was unjust and akin to brainwashing. Their rationale was that to force Cybertron to indoctrinate to this new rule would be to strip them of their right that they all share as autonomous beings of choice. The Prime did not care much for this dissension. One fateful cycle, a bomb was planted in the back room of a place of worship in Kaon. It was blamed on the protesters, which gave the Prime the excuse he needed to throw them all into the stockade.
One of the prisoners declared himself the leader of the scorned, renaming himself from Megatronus to Megatron. He called his party the Decepticons because the Autobots had deceived everyone into believing that the attack on Kaon was their doing.
Now, six hundred years after the attack, a rag-tag group of Decepticons plans to return to freedom, restore Cybertron to its former glory, and reclaim the history that was stolen from them. However, things are not always as simple as they seem, and leadership is a dangerous thing when given to those with very little power. Will they find the true meaning of their cause, or will they be torn apart from the inside before they can learn the true horror of their captors?